SyntheticMR has developed SyMRI®, software that provides fast MRI workflows, allowing high patient throughput, and objective decision support through quantitative data based on synthetic MRI.

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Go Beyond Conventional

Using SyMRI, clinicians can capture multiple image contrasts in a single scan using synthetic MRI, providing an efficient workflow and the possibility of examining more patients per day. The contrast can be adjusted after the scan, creating additional images without re-calling the patient. Automatic segmentation of brain tissue provides objective decision support based on quantitative data.



SyMRI IMAGE is dedicated to optimized workflows and short scan times using synthetic MRI. This is achieved by a single MR quantification scan of 3-6 minutes, allowing a significant reduction in scan time.



SyMRI NEURO provides quantitative MRI images for efficient analysis and objective decision making. SyMRI NEURO is used in the clinical workflow to follow up disease development of neurodegenerative diseases, based on quantitative measurements.