Company Information

Synthetic MR AB (publ) (”SyntheticMR”) was founded in Linköping, Sweden in 2007 by Dr. Marcel Warntjes in order to commercialize a new magnetic resonance image processing methodology. Dr. Warntjes’ innovation was initially developed at the Center for Medical Image Science and Visualization (CMIV), Linköping, Sweden. The uniqueness in the technology is the quantification based approach resulting in fast and informative MRI examinations based on synthetic MRI.

Today, the company´s products are based on the SyMRI® technology, which offers efficient and reliable scanning, with all protocols available based on a single scan. SyMRI also offers high diagnostic quality, achieved through quantitative MR scanning and automated assistance in tissue characterization and volume estimation. Intuitive tools are provided to interact with the results and obtain a quantitative diagnosis.

Currently MRI is about generating many different images that vary in contrast. These images are subjectively interpreted, generally without quantitative support. Our goal is to improve MRI with a single rapid MR scan that generates a range of reproducible images. The image contrast is flexible without rescanning. Standardized, rapid MR scanning could decrease MR examination costs significantly and tissue segmentation can provide a far more accurate patient follow-up than we see today.

A number of clinical evaluation projects of the SyMRI technology have been performed both within and outside Sweden and led to several publications which are described in more detail under Clinical Studies. Currently the main focus is on neuro applications but activities have started to evaluate other applications.

The product SyMRI is available as a CE-MDD marked product. Read more about SyMRI under the ”SyMRI” tab.

SyntheticMR is traded on the AktieTorget exchange in Stockholm, Sweden.