Increase Throughput

Using the SyMRI® approach, a single, short MRI quantification scan measures physical properties of the patient. Using this data, conventional T1W, T2W and FLAIR images can be synthesized at any combination of TR, TE and inversion delay time TI. This provides a short scan time and a robust and flexible examination since a whole range of images can be synthesized even after the patient has left. The contrast in the synthetic MR images can be chosen freely afterwards, allowing to book patients tighter.

Scanner settings can be matched exactly between scans, allowing accurate comparison between examinations. The synthetic MR images can also be matched with previous, conventional protocols, increasing the ability to compare or even reducing the need to re-call patients.


Increase throughput

Conventional examination at 1.5T (top row, scan time 14:54 min) compared to SyMRI examination (bottom row, scan time 5:48 min). With SyMRI the total MR examination time is decreased because all images are synthesized using one single scan.


The SyMRI IMAGE package is dedicated to optimized workflows and short scan times using synthetic MRI. This is achieved by a single MR quantification scan of 5-6 minutes, allowing a significant reduction in scan time.