GE Healthcare CMO comments MAGiC in Radiology Today

Ioannis Panagiotelis, CMO at GE Healthcare, comments the introduction of MAGiC in an article in Radiology Today.

In the article, Panagiotelis explains that with MAGiC, one can get six different image contrasts from one composition, taking a total of approximately five minutes, one-third of the time normally required.

“We can actually go back after the scan and change the contrast,” Panagiotelis says. “Let’s say you made a mistake; you can simply move the contrast of the image you got and optimize the contrast. We think there will be a huge interest in MAGiC as it’s a real answer to the needs of the customer today.”

MAGiC is a customized version of SyMRI IMAGE from SyntheticMR. MAGiC is 510(k) pending at the U.S. FDA and does not yet have CE approval.

Read the article in Radiology Today here:

MRI Technology Update: Need for Speed — MRI Systems Seek to Boost Workflow, Shorten Exam Time



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