New Swedish method for quantification of brain structures

After having evaluated SyntheticMR’s software in connection with follow-up of MS patients, Mattias Vågberg, MD, PhD student, and Anders Svenningsson, MD, Associate Professor, Department of Neurology, Norrlands University Hospital, wrote in BestPractice:

“In our opinion, the presented results show that SyMap can measure brain atrophy in a reliable manner. This makes it possible to bring clinically highly interesting data, which previously only has been available for research purposes, into the clinic.”

“The SyMap method provides an opportunity to actually start putting precise figures on what we in the clinic so far have had to make rough estimates of.”
Read the full article in BestPractice, No. 1, February 2013, here (in Swedish): Ny svensk metod för kvantifiering av hjärnstrukturer.

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