Study plots normative curves of brain volumes in children using SyMRI

A study from the Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Center, now published in American Journal of Neuroradiology, uses SyMRI to plot normative curves of brain volumes in children during development.

The study involved 122 children between the ages of 0.1 and 21.5 years of age, and provides quantitative intracranial, brain parenchymal, gray matter, white matter, cerebrospinal fluid, and myelin volumes plotted against age. The database correlates with previously published data.

The authors note that the quantification of CSF and ability to generate CSF to BPV volumes could allow for a more accurate and translatable assessment of hydrocephalus and other CSF-related pathologies.

They also note that obtaining the quantitative data was fast and applicable to clinical practice. The acquisition sequence took less than 6 minutes and the automatic segmentation of quantitative maps, volumes and datasets with standard contrasts took less than one minute. This allows for simultaneous analysis of the quantitative data.

The compiled database and normative curves provide a basis for clinical interpretations of quantitative synthetic MRI during development.

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