SyMRI used to measure brain atrophy in MS

It i vården writes about measuring brain atrophy with SyMRI.

As stated in the press release published on 26 May 2014, the Sahlgrenska University Hospital in Gothenburg, Sweden, has invested in SyMRI NEURO from SyntheticMR in order to use the software for research on Multiple Sclerosis (MS).

Today, analysis of MRI images is primarily done by visual inspection. SyMRI NEURO provides quantitative MRI images for increased efficiency in analysis and objective decision making.

SyMRI can be used to obtain a quantitative measurement of brain atrophy in MS patients, making it possible to see how the disease develops over time.

Jan Lycke, Associate Professor of neurology at the Sahlgrenska University Hospital comments in an article in It i vården that SyMRI “…provides an objective and a good measure of whether a particular treatment works against atrophy and can also be used to evaluate the severity of the disease.”

Anders Svenningsson, Neurologist at Umeå University Hospital, where SyMRI is used in the hospital’s standard protocol for MS-patients, comments in the same article that “…there is a clear advantage to know whether an MS patient has signs of brain atrophy.”

“In this way, we get an objective measure of how severely the disease affects the brain at an individual level, it is so often that MS patients are lumped together into one group, but many of them do not have an impaired brain function,” Dr. Svenningsson continues.


Read the entire article in It i vården (in Swedish) here:
Mjukvara ger exakta värden på hjärnatrofi vid ms

Read the press release from SyntheticMR here:
Press release in English
Press release in Swedish

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