Cross Vendor Stability

SyMRI provides quantitative measures that are independent of typical scanner imperfections such as B0 or B1 inhomogeneity, coil sensitivity issues and RF pulse profile variations. It is available on the major MRI brands, Siemens, GE and Philips, providing a consistency across platforms.

Verification on phantoms shows that the R1, R2 and PD values are identical within 3% for each field strength. Verification on healthy volunteers shows that brain segmentation volume estimations are identical within 0.5% for all platforms. The repeatability error on each individual platform is 0.2-0.3%

In practice this means that synthetic images and volume estimations are very similar and it is virtually impossible to distinguish scanner brands. SyMRI will increase consistency and add quantitative values to your practice, without the cost of additional scan time.

SyMRI on all scanners

Quantification using SyMRI. The product provides quantitative data such as the R1 map (left column), R2 map and PD map. Based on these maps conventional images such as T2W can be synthesized (center column). Furthermore, the R1, R2 and PD maps provide an absolute scale and hence a robust input to brain segmentation. An example of one of these segmentations, of myelin, is shown in the right column. The SyMRI method provides the same result on all major platforms. For this example, the same subject was scanned at 3T on a GE 750 (A), Siemens Skyra (B), Philips Ingenia (C), and at 1.5T on a GE 450W (D), Siemens Aera (E) and Philips Ingenia (F).